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"What can Need A Virtual Assistant (Need a VA) do for you? Wow! I mean double WOW! I feel like I just found my magic genie in a bottle with unlimited wishes!"
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Welcome To Need A VA

Need A VA was founded to meet the needs of individuals
& small – medium sized businesses

Article Writing

Article Writing

Our writers will write perfect content for your blog or website that will both entertain and teach.

Office Management

Office Management

We will have your office running like clockwork with new systems in place to make it more efficient.

Website Design

Website Design

Brand your business with a professional affordable website design that is easy to navigate for your visitor.

SEO Services

SEO services will help get free traffic to your site to see your product or services.

A Little Story

About Us

Need A VA was founded to meet the needs of individuals & small – medium sized businesses

Some 10 years ago I have worked with my personal virtual assistant (VA) for close on 9 years and have had much larger projects that required teams of Filipino workers that I personally trained and managed.

In the early days I remember what it was like before I had a VA when I struggled online with technical tasks that required me to learn something that I had no interest in which only frustrated me.

Our Mission

NAVA is dedicated to provide a superior customer service that exceeds the expectation from our clients. Our team of experienced virtual assistants in consultation will strive to automate and streamline business systems and practices to save time and money for our clients. We provide these services with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, fun, individual pride, and company spirit.

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Lets look after your outsourcing needs,
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In the early days of my online career while I was still learning the basics I really thought that I needed to know everything that there was about Online Marketing and that quiet honestly was a very overwhelming to someone that was not really IT savvy. We are talking around 10 years ago when you needed to know a certain amount of coding for example FTP and html, and it drove me crazy but I thought I would need to know this.

After 12 months I knew that I needed help as I was spending more and more time in the study away from my family and started to ignoring social engagements in order to grow my business.

Recent Posts

Good Words. Good People.

  • I just wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with the staff at Need a Va the service was excellent and the work was very professional. - read full here

    Jenelle Livet
    Jenelle Livet
  • I am impressed with the daily reporting of what is done and what is pending which means that i am able to know at a glance where my business is at any given time. - read full here

  • Thank you so much for introducing NAVA to me.   I have heard some horror stories about VA's and was initially reticent to trust them with my requirements. I have been extremely pleasantly surprised with the level of service I have received. - read full here  

    Patherna Simone
    Patherna Simone
  • I’m an author and blogger. I have very low technical skills and never paid much attention to the Internet until the last couple of years. So when it came time to publish my own book, I was completely overwhelmed. - read full here

    Andrea Robinson
    Andrea Robinson
  • What can Need A Virtual Assistant (Need a VA) do for you? Wow! I mean double WOW! I feel like I just found my magic genie in a bottle with unlimited wishes! - read full here

    Dr. Karen Perkins
    Dr. Karen Perkins
  • “Quite some time ago I realised I was spending way too much time doing menial tasks managing my internet business. I needed a Virtual Assistant. Along came “Need A Virtual Assistant” and after discussion with CEO and Founder Jenny Jordan, we commenced a plan whereby Need a VA effectively took over all routine day to day tasks. This was major turning point in the business and freed up a ton of my time to invest in other activities. The Need a VA team have proven to be a great asset and I highly recommend them...- read full here

    Mike Skinner
    Mike Skinner Mike Skinner Marketing
  • If you are looking for an inexpensive and very professional service then I can recommend Jenny Jordan and her team highly enough. I have used their service and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the work. Jenny is a real angel full here

    Jenni Ryan
    Jenni Ryan