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We At Need A VA are proud to provide the
following services:

VA Services

With a growing business comes a hectic schedule.

Tasks may pile up and hinder your way towards real growth. Outsource them to the right people before they go out of hand. We have a team of Virtual Assistants who are experts in social media, blogs, article marketing, live support, data mining, and customer support, among others.

Website Development

Take advantage of the Web and be present online.

Reaching out to your customers shouldn’t be hard and time-consuming if only you have a professionally-designed website that represents you in the Web. Our Development Team can help your brand establish a significant presence in the market, giving you an edge above the rest.

Creative Services

Achieve visual creativity and get your messages across.

Carefully designed marketing materials such as logos and ebook covers can be your ‘secret’ tools to achieving greater success in the business. Let our Creative Team help you craft your ideas into effective visuals that could attract more clients and place you in an advantageous position in the market.

Book Me to Speak

Let’s talk.

I’m aware that an online business is no joke – demanding and overwhelming. But I learned it can be extremely fun and satisfying only if you have the right attitude and sufficient knowledge about how it works. I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned so far.

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Why Choose Us


While your business grows fast, so is demand for more tasks. Delegate tasks to the right people with the right skills to accomplish them proficiently. You need a VA which can deliver actual value to your business, meeting and exceeding your expectations. This way, you can focus more on core areas that require your great attention.


A wide range of services in our blue-chip talent pool is available to every Need a VA’s client. We work on offering you beyond simple Virtual Assistant support but even web development, graphic design, social media, blogs, telemarketing, customer support and many more.


VAs handle everyday tasks and even complex deliverables for you, allowing you to focus more on your business growth. Seize the power of outsourcing and let Need a VA’s Virtual Assistants immensely add to your productivity by helping you outsource all the tasks you find difficult to accomplish by yourself.


All Need a VA’s Virtual Assistants are handpicked and have passed a rigorous application process. Your Account Manager will also offer you round-the-clock availability to especially address your needs. You are assured to be served by well-qualified individuals who are truly dedicated to your success.


Guaranteed that all services delivered to you from the experts of Need a VA are of high quality yet at affordable and reasonable rates. Manned with a competent team which puts your business as our priority, Need a VA’s aim is to help you grow and reach the TOP.


Outsourcing puts you at the position to provide your customers with top-notch services while you increase your productivity and intelligently manage your in-house resources. Strategic outsourcing gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors in the market.

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